Chordlink is a self-contained wearable musical synthesizer for playing polyphonic melodies and scales on the go, in the studio or in a show. This working prototype aims to propose an instrument that is worn on the wrist and is played with one or both hands, with options selected on the touch screen (such as outputting MIDI).

The sounds are generated by an on-board analog synthesizer chip (13-note polyphonic), tuned by a variable clock to get bass to trebble frequencies, while the control interface is a blue and white touch screen LCD interfaced to a microcontroller that can output MIDI to any other MIDI gear or computer, the rubber armband is from a Mattel/Nintendo Power Glove as an hommage to the glove that started it all. It is mostly self-contained aside from the speaker or headphones (doesn't require a computer to play) and battery powered.

The way to play is by touching some of the 12 pressure-sensitive contacts (actually GSR sensors) located on the fingers in the palm. A potentiometer changes the pitch and a contact acts as a pitch-bend. For output, connect to headphones or to a custom speaker that adds nuances when partially covered by hands or mouth.Optionally, select the MIDI output option on the touch screen.

The project started during my final year in Computation arts at Concordia University in Montreal.

Overview and Comparison of Technologies researched

1st prototype
Touch screen controller inside power glove casing

I had the great opportunity to be sponsored by Dimension Engineering, to show the project in a couple of events,
to travel in awesome places and to meet really nice people.

May 3-7 Computed 2005 Montreal Centre CDP Capital DFAR End of year Show
May 10 Akihabara Tokyo Electrical Town Overwhelmed in electronics wonderland
May 13

Inter Communication Center (NT-ICC)

Tokyo Tokyo City Opera Got media passes from the nice curator of OPEN NATURE, Minoru Hatanaka.
May 15 Design Festa v. 21 Tokyo Tokyo Big Sight Biggest Asian Art Fest! Tons of creative designs.Found an empty kiosk and voila, instant expo.Good reactions.
May 16 World Expo 2005 Nagoya Aichi Waiting lines.....and robots! No demo.
May 17-18 Uno House Kyoto Marutamachi Informal presentation to international tourists
May 19-21 Active Media Technology Conference Takamatsu Kagawa Int. Conference Hall Awesome town, great reception, wearable fashion show, published in proceedings
May 25 Mobile Music Technology Workshop Vancouver UBC university 2nd international workshop
May 27 After concert beach jam Vancouver Wreck Beach Awesome vibe (aside from police hovercraft)
May 26-28 NIME 2005 Vancouver UBC university 5th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression


2nd prototype
screen menu example

Watch the VIDEO (Quicktime) from Takamatsu Evening News covering the conference

(My project is briefly presented at the end of the video)

Newspaper article published in the ASAHI newspaper (which is also the name of a popular japanese beer)

If you can translate this please contact me!!!

References on glove based sound, music and gesture